Buninyong Bowling Club

Buninyong Bowling Club
705 Inglis Street
(PO Box 40)
Buninyong, Victoria, 3357
Phone: (03) 5341 3577

  • Governance

Mission Statement

"To create an environment in which our members are assisted to achieve their full potential as sportspeople and as members of the community, in an atmosphere that promotes excellence and instils the qualities of personal development, team pride, respect and sportsmanship in everything they do."

 Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in all that we do •
  • Continuous self-improvement •
  • Encouraging individuals to fully develop their own and others’ potential •
  • Honesty, respect, and integrity •
  • Promoting a family atmosphere.
  • Being socially aware and responsible.
  • Upholding the traditions, history and values of our club.

Key Documents


Board of Management  2023-24                                          

President Graeme Nicholson  0419 303 141
Vice President John Beames 0417 958 884
Secretary Allan Donelly 0400 418 395
Treasurer Sue Simmonds  
Board Members Narelle Smith  
  Yvonne Clark  
  Chris Kruger  
  Sandra Chapman  
  Barbara Voigt  

Saturday Selection Committee

Chair of Saturday Selection Committee: Ian Voigt  0419 505 816
Member 2: Joan Worth  
Member 3: Doug Worrall  
Member 4: Yvonne Clark  0419 336 603
Member 5: Graeme Simpson  0419 579 010

Tuesday Selection Committee

Chair of Tuesday Selection Committee: Terry McDonald  0466 824 360
Member 2: Jan Forsyth  
Member 3: Yvonne Gamble  0417 341 225
Member 4: Norm Hand  
Member 5: Ian McGregor  

Men's Match Committee

Member 1: Chris Kruger  
Member 2: John Beames  
Member 3: Ian McGregor  
Member 4:  Norm Hand  
Member 5: Doug Worrall  
Tournament Director: Doug Worrall  

Ladies Match Committee

Member 1: Sandra Chapman  
Member 2: Lyn Treweek  
Member 3: Barbara Voigt  
Member 4: Jan Forsyth  
Member 5: Marg Sultana  
Tournament Director: Sandra Chapman  

Other Club positions

Clubroom/Facility Booking Coordinators: Ron and Rhonda Woodrow  0409179303
Bar Managers Tom Lempiere/Chris Kruger  
Publicity Coordinator: Wayne Morgan  
Website Coordinator: Allan Donelly  
Member Welfare Officer: John Nunn/Leonie Donelly  
Membership Coordinator: Allan Donelly  
Director of Infrastructure: Jack Forsyth  
Catering Coordinator: Marita Beames  
Corporate Bowls Coordinators: Wayne Morgan/Sue Simmonds  
Uniforms/Merchandising Coordinators Wayne Morgan  
Bowls Victoria Accredited Coaches Keith Chapman  
  Barbara Voigt  
  Yvonne Clark  
  Wayne Morgan  
  Allan Donelly  
Accredited Club Umpires Barbara Voigt  
  Yvonne Gamble  
  Graeme Nicholson  
  Wayne Morgan